Patriotic Volunteer Opportunity

Then U.S. Navy Adm., 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen’s Memorial Day speech delivered May 26, 2008, served as one of the pillars for the Fallen 15’s Honor.Celebrate.Inspire. ™ initiative.

Mullen passionately stated, “There is, I am convinced, a Sea of Goodwill out in the country of people and places yearning to help. We need to tap into it. We need to make that connection. We need to come up with new ways and new ideas to make life better for those affected by this war so that kids can go to school, incomes can be sustained, and homes can be both purchased and lived in for a long time. The truth is, we live in deeds, not days; in actions and thoughts and feelings, not heartbeats. If the untimely battlefield deaths of generations of American heroes have taught us nothing else, it should be this unalterable fact: what you do with your time here on earth is far more important than the time you had to do it. Those who live most are those who love most, who act the noblest and do their best.

There is an old Army saying for every person on the front line there are twelve in the rear supporting them.  Learn how you can become a support multiplier as a volunteer or student intern.

  • HCI Ambassadors (U.S. and across the globe)

  • Team Member, HCI Special Event Planning and Execution

  • Team Member, HCI Community Affairs

  • Team Member, HCI Public Affairs

  • Team Member, HCI Community Affairs

  • Team Member, HCI Web Ops.

  • Team Member, HCI financial and Philanthropic Team Member

  • Team Member, Marketing

  • Team Member, HCI Social Media

  • Team Member, Photography, Audio/Video

  • Patriotic Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy HCI Team Member

  • Team Member, HCI Visionary Advisory Group

  • Team Member, HCI Seamless Advisory Group

For more information contact Al Burzynski, APR.

Fallen 15's Honor.Celebrate.Inspire.
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